Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO is the process of getting organic traffic from search engines. Each listing on the search results is judged by many things, including relevance to users and authroity.

SEO is vital to any form of marketing as search engine optimisation techniques increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. It does this by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to search engine users.

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Is Search Engine Optimisation Important?

SEO is often overlooked, however, it’s vital for businesses and individuals who want traffic to their web pages. It is about more than increasing the number of users who access the site. Those who utilise search engine optimisation techniques attract  users interested in what the website has to offer.

How does SEO benefit businesses?

SEO is a fast-paced and dynamic field. It requires operators to keep track of emerging trends and technological advancements. Algorithmic changes may result in a complete overhaul of a website.

Most successful businesses have an SEO strategy that centres around their audience. They are aware of how they behave and what they want from their website. Attracting good traffic tailored to the service you offer generates leads and revenue. It also has the added bonus of putting you ahead of the competition on search engines such as Google.

A bookbinding service using simple SEO may experience an increase in traffic from users interested in books. Yet, a tailored strategy will attract users with a vested interest in bookbinding. This improves user retention, leads and revenue. It also results in placing higher than other bookbinding services on search engines.

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What is white hat and black hat SEO?

White hat SEO is using search engine optimisation techniques Google approves of. Google’s search bots visit web pages and add optimised pages to Google’s index catalogue. These bots factor in the purpose of the page and the contents quality. Trustworthiness and reputation are also considered when ranking algorithm to determine SEO ranking. White hat search engine optimisation takes a
long-term approach. It focuses on users first and search engines second. This is by making your site navigable, speeding up load times, attracting backlinks and using keywords to optimise content.

Black hat SEO uses shortcuts and hacks to exploit weaknesses in algorithms. Unlike white hat, black hat SEO gears towards search bots first, rather than users. Techniques include keyword stuffing, automated comment spam and content scraping. In recent years, Google has taken a hard line on hiding text and link schemes. Search engines don’t take kindly to black hat SEO. Their most common
response is to update their algorithms. They also punish rulebreakers by taking manual action against your site. This reduces your search ranking until you fix the issue. Serial offenders can get banned from search results, decimating traffic levels.

It’s important to note that at ONE Marketing UK, we do not conduct any form of Black Hat SEO. We build for the long-term, Black Hat SEO can result in websites being penalised or even shut down.

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SEO content

When writing SEO content, is to crucial to find out what keywords people are searching for. Good practice is to keep a track of how many times keywords are in your content. Write about something your audience will have an interest in. There is no use writing about how to roast the perfect chicken when the audience is predominantly vegan. Understand how Google monitors content.

Search engines prefer longer blogs and articles, so aim for lengthier content. Writing short content garners little traffic whilst lowering the standard of content. This may repel potential returning users. Posting content and leaving it is the cardinal sin of search engine optimisation. Monitoring content through
Google Analytics. This gives crucial information on factors such as how long users spend on your site and the bounce rate. This data is invaluable. It enables you to edit existing content to maximise reach and improve your SEO writing in the future.

At ONE Marketing UK, SEO is a very important aspect of marketing to us, which is why we specialise in this specialism. Content shouldn’t just be written to get people to your website, it should tell a story and get them excited, this is what we do!


In SEO, a backlink is a hyperlink that links from a web page back to your own web page or website.
The algorithm of search engines results in websites with more backlinks placing higher in search result pages. Backlinks show the transition from one page or site to another and help to index your pages. Strong website architecture and valuable content are necessary to ensure backlinks work in the way they should. They need to be appropriate – that is, relevant to the content of the web page browsed. Backlinking to websites that attract good traffic and have a high standard of content is a must if the system is to operate. Ensure all links are unbroken by testing them on a regular basis.

Technical SEO

In short, technical search engine optimisation is any work done to maximise SEO outside of written content. For example, improving site speed will improve bounce rate. The slower your website loads, the larger the proportion of people who will leave. This can be due to a myriad of reasons, such as unoptimised images or a slow web host. Other examples of technical SEO include improving the experience of mobile visitors, removing duplicate content and refining site architecture.

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